sack cloth and ashes …

So what have you given up for Lent? Work commitments aside, I would have gladly swapped my business gladrags for a hoodie and sustained a rugged, unshaven look for 40 days and nights but alas personal modesty got the better of me and so like millions of glasshouse Christians around the world, I’ve chosen to observe Lent in a more private way … by giving up alcohol. Except now that I’ve blogged it, this little sacrifice seems more … contrived.

Ok, much has happened in blogosphere since my last post – Vixgirl got married in Las Vegas (FX: whistles, fanfare, etc …) and in a cruel twist of irony, Sash confessed to the world in her usual articulate, heart-tugging way that, like the Tin Woodman from the Wizard of Oz, she’s a sex-bot with a fragile heart. Sash, what can I say … the Before Sunset moment seems incredulous right now, especially after falling prey to Felix’s Godiva truffles so soon after an emotional coronary 😉

As for me, I’ve been busy at work on a number of projects that I’ve come to recognise as Nanny McPhee assignments (great film BTW) … you know, the old dichotomy of “If you don’t want me, but need me I’ll stay – but when you want me, but don’t need me I’ll go”. Ummmm, enough said. Anyway, by way of chilling I’ve resorted to Blockbuster therapy and have pretty much raped the shelf holding the latest DVD rentals, and then some … which is how I came to discover Tsai Chin – her harrowing performance of a song called The Forgotten Time in the Hong Kong trilogy Infernal Affairs just leaves you … well, listen to this and make up your own mind.

Update: Well, I was on the wagon for … oh, at least 48 hours before answering the seductive calls of my little half-bottles of Ch. Grand Bourdieu from the cellar. I’m actually quite relieved to be free from this self-inflicted charade – and since I’m deeply suspicious of those who appear to be without vice, I figure a return to the bottle will earn me more brownie points from my peers than an empty declaration of abstinence.