state of the union …

One of the side effects of being weaned off my nightly dose of pain killers is insomnia … and when you find yourself suddenly wide awake at 2 o’clock in the morning, the option to tune into the BBC’s live streaming of Dubya addressing the nation seemed more appealing than staring out at a dark star-less sky, counting sheep. And I’m glad I did, because it was enlightening to see how differently American politicians behave in public compared to their British counterparts. Lose the pomp of the ceremony, the power suits and hundred dollar hair do’s and you are left with a bunch of demure and generally well-behaved folks who seemed genuinely engaged during President Bush’s speech – a stark contrast to the crass heckling of the Ne’er-do-wells and barrow boy antics that British MPs feel obliged to display during sessions in Westminster. There is another big difference: in Britain, support on a given issue is often gauged by the comparative volume of ‘Aye’ over ‘No’ while in the US, congress demonstrate their support on points of policy by applauding the speaker with a standing ovation! A somewhat tiresome trait, but nonetheless visually effective from a television perspective …

I’m in my final days of convalescence. Yipee!!! While mobility has returned (I now find myself able to do normal things … like getting out of bed, taking a shower and making my own lunch), tiredness falls quickly and suddenly … which is enough of a worry to avoid driving – narcolepsy is forgivable behind a computer screen, but alas not behind the wheel of a car. And there is still the little matter of twangs and twinges after a meal, but I am advised by my uncle (a retired surgeon) that these sensations are normal while bits and pieces fall into place.

Other news … our house goes on the market at the end of the week. I can’t honestly say that we have put in our best effort to make it look enticing and compelling to buy – a result of my limited mobility and the fact that demolition works to the pub next door have left the site looking like a war zone, but que sera sera

Author: pip

Computer Geek. Occasionally Travels. Cooks. Drinks wine.

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