your number’s up, charlie boy …

Obfuscation – that’s my mot du jour. And rather topically, it was also the tactic employed by Charles Kennedy last night, when he publicly admitted his addiction to alcohol. In a ridiculous performance that was more reminiscent of an aged pop star’s coming out, this fading political star couldn’t be more transparent about his shit or bust strategy if he had tried: either win the electorate’s sympathy by this public admission and in doing so, divert focus away from the fact that he’s crap at his job, or face the collective frustration of his shadow cabinet. Listening to the live broadcast on Radio 4, I imagined a pitiful, little boy at the podium, occasionally seeking reassurance by brushing over the bulge in his trouser pocket – a bulge that no longer concealed his trusty hip flask but a well-thumbed copy of Sun Tzu’s Ancient Art of War, bookmarked conveniently at Chapter 7 …

He who knows the artifice of diversion will be victorious.
Such is the art of manuevering.

Good luck in your leadership challenge Charlie boy, but as they say (rather ironically for you) in the trade, In vino veritas đŸ˜‰

The start of the year is always a great time for words. And being the clock bitches that we have become today where every second is precious and life is only deemed to be eventful if one is armed with a magazine of monosyllabic descriptors, ready to be emptied on the first person at a New Year’s Eve party who innocently asks So what are your new year’s resolutions for 2006?

HM the Queen chose easy and safe in her traditional Christmas Day broadcast as she looked forward to a better 2006. Now, safe is a direct (and perhaps unnecessary) reminder of the clear and present threat of terrorism faced by the world today – a threat which ripened with explosive and tragic effect on July 7 when Londoners experienced the aftermath of one particular Battle on Ideas. But easy? Ummm, I suppose that’s a somewhat cryptic reference to the natural disasters that have groped the world in last 12 months, starting with the Aceh tsunami, followed by Katrina and the calamity of the Pakistan earthquake that claimed over 70 thousand souls in October. So I’m guessing easy because let’s face it, there’s bugger all we can do about natural disasters.

Sure, I want all those things in 2006 for me and my family. And then there are things that I believe are well within the purview of my capability to influence and deliver. So my promissory words for this new year are healthy and stress-free – chosen with trepidation in anticipation of some big challenges that we will face in the next few months, incuding major events like moving house(s), and some of us going under the surgeon’s knife.

Roll on 2006 …

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