thematic attraction …

It’s official – sexual blogging (henceforth to be referred to as ‘slogging’ – Copyright (C) 2005 by pip) is en vogue. And infectious too. A few days after bumping into Sash’s blog, my virtual promiscuity carried me into the contrived continuum of Sarong Party Girl – yet another lurid den of inequity where the literary kimono is thrown wide open to such explicit extremities as to leave nothing to the imagination … down to the bit when vaginal blood was drawn, one assumes from rough and excessive humping.

It is perhaps a little churlish of me to comment on the motives of those who ‘slog’ – afterall, ‘Kiss & Tell’ is an extremely saleable genre at the moment, as the book ratings for Diary of a Manhatten Call Girl self-testify. Plus it would be far too hypocritical (even for me) to deny that I derive no pleasure from reading about the bedtime pursuits of the sexually emancipated female. And at this point, I should also like to declare a discernable sway towards works that carry off ‘chick wit’, rather than the multitude of hormone-busting tomes that carry on the hackneyed form of ‘chick lit’. But I digress …

Anyway, the new blogging currency is traffic … people are mad for it, many crave it for their blogs, and some I daresay, even venture into the land of fiction to secure the statistical nirvana of the most links, the highest number of referrals and the most unsolicited comments. If you have not already discovered Blogshares, then I’m sorry to have popped your virginal naivety by alerting you to its existence. However, remember that the dodo became extinct because it was functionally inept to deal with the predators introduced by early travelers – so if you want your blog to survive globalisation, find yourself a scoop … or the very least, give your blog a theme. And if slogging is your thang, then Amen.

So, a new theme for this blog? Well, actually… no. I’m afraid I going to stick to writing about what I know best … and that’s me. And why ‘banana blogging’, some of you loyal fans have enquired? Well, riddle me this … What is yellow on the outside and white inside???

Author: pip

Computer Geek. Occasionally Travels. Cooks. Drinks wine.

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