oriental discoveries …

I’m not really understanding why Sash’s blog (a Babe in Toyland) attracts such vitriolic comments, especially when she writes with such wit and lucidity about her insatiable appetite for cock. Now I don’t know Sash from Adam, colloquially nor in the biblical sense, but find her carnal adventures in her recently adopted home of Hong Kong … well, rather uplifting shall we say F*** it, I’m going to link to her from my blog anyway … even when as a relative noobie, I must confess I don’t really dig this curious practice of blogrolling. When I add a link, I do so to mark *my* approval of the blogger’s written contribution, across a range of loosely subjective criteria … literary style, contextual attraction, humour, artistic inclination, yada, yada. I do *not* blogroll to stoke the paranoia of stalkerphobics or the narcissism of Id-worshiping Freudians, and frankly if I really felt the need to pry into someone’s life, I would rather deploy a number of clandestine technical measures, made easier by the promiscuity of today’s Internet user … we all live in an increasingly dangerous interconnected world. So Sash, if you do come across this link, no malevolence was ever intended. On the contrary, I would have liked to have stared dreamily into your eyes and imagined a future with a harried tai tai with kids in tow, but alas for me that fate has already matured – 2 offspring, a potentially vindictive wife who knows a good divorce lawyer and a general bout of mid-life malaise (read: old spent git) says I will never realise this fantasy. Perhaps, I should put you in touch with my friend WaiMan instead – a like minded hedonist with comparable sexual drive, and currently residing (rather conveniently) in HK.

While trawling in the vicinity of SE Asia, I also stumbled upon Celeste K’s blog and her relentless quest to diss her brother’s new girlfriend, Cipap. Now this one requires an appreciation of local humour, which I’ve yet to find elsewhere. Let me expand on my definition of locale … I’ve been berated recently about my casual use of language and would rather not face a barrage of ill-feeling from people I don’t know. For many Malaysians, being associated with imported things whether they be fashion brands and/or ideology carries the usual rewards of recognition and distinction – an assertion/generalisation that I’m sure will generate some comeback, but one that is not immutably incorrect (bloody hell, three negatives in a row – must be a personal record!). So labeling something as local can often be construed as a health warning to others for something staid, not very it and generally to be avoided, whereas nothing can be further from the truth. If I harbour a regret about my childhood in the Far East, it would be that I left Malaysia before I really got to know the people, their culture and ways of working. Sash called this her Faustian sacrifice but I’m not posh enough to quote contextually apt literature, and besides my personal circumstances were a little more utilitarian – my sisters and I were dispatched to Blighty to become knowledge mules. But I do still yearn for that local living that I feel cheated of, which is why I never miss the opportunity to mingle when I’m back in the country … and also sadly why, without exception, I’ve always stood out like the proverbial digit in these situations … like when I was last at Zeta’s in the KL Hilton after Shirley’s wedding. Ok, admitedly I was in a pin stripe wool suit and feeling severely jet-lagged but in my defence, I had set off from London on a cold January morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

So, two great finds in blogosphere … and hopefully, plenty more to discover. Who said blogging was a one-sided indulgence?!

Author: pip

Computer Geek. Occasionally Travels. Cooks. Drinks wine.

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