bonjour de paris …

There are signs and there are omens: when bmi announced the cancellation of the flight I was supposed to be on, you know the start of your holiday is going to be trying. And when a twitchy middle eastern looking bloke sitting in the next seat insists on filming the cabin area and runway with his camcorder during take off (despite numerous warnings from the air stewardess to stop), I automatically assumed the emergency position and got ready to give my arse the proverbial goodbye kiss. So imagine my relief when said gentleman ordered beer for refreshment – well, I was simply working from the principle that no self-respecting suicide bomber would resort to a bit of dutch courage before doing whatever it is that they do… I was in Paris … again, this time as a tour guide to J’s family which included one sick child. Poor little devil was leaking from both ends! Which made it difficult to do much sight-seeing but enough to catch the Eiffel tower and the magical sight of the giant glass balls, part of the Swiss exhibition at the Place Vendome.

On Wednesday evening, David and I went to a wine tasting/dinner event at Philippe Cordesse’s Le Bistrot a Vin at La Defense. The esplanade was also host to a large Christmas market and naturally, we proceeded to whet our appetites with some tartiflette, washed down with a very nice glass of vin chaud, which cleared my sinus sufficiently for me to be able to enjoy the rest of the evening where we were very fortunate to have the wine producers present to give us a guided tasting (prompted naturally with Philippe’s pet sommelier and partner in crime) of a Alsace Rielsing, a Mersault, a lovely Pic St Loup from Languedoc, a divine Gevrey Chambertin, plus others that I cannot remember, for obvious reasons! We were also in great company which included a lovely girl called Soad (whom David couldn’t keep his eyes, or hands off!) and her boyfriend, the finance director of SFR, who coincidentally went to the European Business School with J-G Prat from Cos – a very enjoyable evening indeed, which was good because the next day, my cold broke and I spent most of it in bed 😦

Paris is lovely, but not when you’re sick …

Author: pip

Computer Geek. Occasionally Travels. Cooks. Drinks wine.

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